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Friday, May 20, 2011

Arumi Bachsin Pulang Kerumah


After several months of not appearing in public, finally appeared Bachsin Arumi artist. Arumi seen come to the Regional Representatives Council building in the complex RI of the MPR / DPR RI, Friday, May 20, 2011. Arumi arrival to meet with members of the DPD AM Fatwa.

Arumi who wore a white jumpsuit looked accompanied administrators Witness and Victims Protection Institution. Arumicome the DPD at around 16:50 pm and headed straight to a room to meet AM Fatwa . According to sources, the family Arumi have first arrived in the DPD at around 12.00 pm. At first, Arumi not know the arrival of his family. However, after a few minutes later, the family Arumi into the room. In the room Arumi persuaded to go home.

'3 movie player 2 World 1 Heart of Love 'was rejected and even shouting did not want to go home. Around 18:00 pm, Arumi was out of the room through a side door. When about to enter the car, Arumi see a collection of journalists and re-entered the room, crying.

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