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Saturday, May 21, 2011

fall out boy wallpaper

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  • SciFrog
    Nov 19, 05:30 PM
    They need to recode for OpenCL, anywhere from 6 months to several years...

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  • halledise
    May 3, 03:27 PM
    This will have absolutely no effect on SSDs ( beyond simply wearing them out. A single pass is more than adequate.

    awesome techy article yet 2 questions:

    why would an SSD/Flash Drive wear out within the life of the machine?
    (even with heavy 'normal' use)

    if it indeed did, then what's AppleCare for?

    if you can't get 3 years out of a storage device running Mac OSX - even erasing and reinstalling the :apple: OS once a week - then something's amiss.

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  • GGJstudios
    Apr 21, 12:37 PM
    One of the many things I don't like about this new feature is that when I'm scrolling down a thread, the scrolling stops wherever there's an imbedded video. To avoid this, I have to make sure the pointer is on the side of the thread, not in the middle, where the video would appear.

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  • Mr. Retrofire
    Mar 31, 05:21 PM
    I hear a lot of confusion about this. I don't know why TechCrunch said what they did, but by all accounts, there is no golden master right now. This is just a developer preview. After this there will (probably) be betas. And after that there will eventually be a golden master or two.

    Right. Adobe and other big software manufacturers need at least > 6 months to optimize their software (much more than just InDesign and Photoshop) for the new OS. Apple probably wants to optimize Lion for Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge ( (via Intels Mac OS X compilers (, not just via the GCC), which means that we will see Lion GM/RTM in January/February 2012 and Lion final in March/April 2012. This would make more sense, because it reduces additional development costs for Apple, after Ivy Bridge comes out.

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  • sam12345-2008
    May 3, 01:11 PM
    Okay, so I've restored the drive to one partition, but now when i try to download the window support software I get an error message telling me "the support software is not available".

    Surely it's not usually this difficult?

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  • wdlove
    Oct 26, 12:53 PM
    If by the the time a 30" is introduced LCD prices are down r/t increased production I would make a purchase! :)

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  • goMac
    Apr 17, 08:00 PM
    Why wouldn't you use the same metrics you use for any other software?

    How much CPU does the stuff you're serving require? How much disk space? How fast of disk?

    I'm not sure why using a machine as a server makes some special case. Figure out what your server software needs.

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  • maflynn
    Feb 2, 07:45 AM
    Apple and every other computer maker is going to be held back. Don't you think apple had sandy bridge based computers in the pipeline

    The biggest difference is others started shipping/advertising those computers before apple

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  • rhett7660
    Oct 12, 08:29 PM I agree. and of course Ebay. Just watch out for the shipping fees.

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  • JM8814
    Apr 30, 09:52 AM
    thank you applejuiced, sbddude, eastercat!! and yes cha i would be trying to unlock as well, so i'll see if i can work out whatever issues it is i will have with the baseband.

    And darwing and hackthatphone, sorry we all know that you two guys are superior human beings, sorry not everyone can be as tech savvy as you guys.. I bet you guys are the type who sit up at the computer all day long and are pissed off at the world for no reason... go get laid or something...

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  • MisterMe
    Jun 16, 12:16 AM
    I suppose you could argue its piece-wise, ...Not if you knew what you were talking about, you couldn't. KingHuds does know what he is talking about. Read and be wise.

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  • blackburn
    Apr 22, 08:53 AM
    Haha luckily for you (and I as well) they do, for free, with no questions asked. This is widely known that the polycarbonate Macs crack around the area near the bottom of the screen (plastic) and at the palm rest around the corners.

    Just call ahead, make sure they have the part in stock (tell them that it's cracked and ask if they can fix it in house) and if so, head over there, drop it off, find something to do, and come back later that day and pick it up :)

    The bottom palm rest of my blackbook is cracked and I'm planning on going to the nearest Apple store as soon as I get off for the summer to get it fixed.

    Yeah but her model is an unibody one, it shouldn't be breaking since there is nothing slamming at it every time you close the lid.

    It has happened before and apple replaced it for free (under warranty). Mine has nothing of those cracks but the top part is new (faulty lcd, replaced for free).

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  • roland.g
    Aug 8, 11:43 AM
    Very nice, and tastefully done. Forget about the naked aspect, the pose, the look on her face, the angle of her head. I feel more compelled to look at the head up more than anything else. And I don't find anything pornograhpic about it. It isn't revealing, less so than a tight low cut top. Good job. Gets my vote. The only thing that is missing is a spot of color. The bed frame doesn't count. Though I don't know what or where to put it. And possibly black and white would be better as the bed frame is out of sorts color wise.

    By the way, we may have to change your username to iTease. JK ;)

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  • alex00100
    Apr 13, 12:04 PM
    i got it. thanks for help. its not very important for me, but i still hope they will release it soon.

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  • MrWinters
    May 4, 11:17 AM
    I just got my hands on a Power Mac G5. I got it off a guy for $150!! Let me say, it's an incredible machine. Dual 2.5 G5's with 2Gig of RAM. I installed 10.5.8 on it.

    This machine blows both my 2009 13" Macbook and 2008 Mini out of the water when it comes to speed and smoothness. As is it, FCP runs so much better than my Intel Macs that I am in total Awww of it... (can u tell I'm excited about this 6 year old computer :) )

    Since I got it so cheap, I want to upgrade the hell out of it and use it as my primary machine (age of it be damned). I want to expand the RAM fully to 16 GB, put a fast 2 GB HDD in, and get the best possible Video card available.

    I have 2 questions:

    1. What is the best GPU available for this machine??

    2. What is everyone's opinion to the possibility that after I get this thing where I want it, Apple will drop support for Leopard and I will no longer be able to sync my iPhone, iPad, or iPods to it. I of course, Plan to keep my Intel Macs running on the other end of the room (along with my "necessary" PC) but since I sit in THIS chair in my office most of the time, it would be nice to do everything from right here...

    I know you don't hear many people wanting to make an older machine their primary computer, but this thing is really a monster...

    Any thoughts???? Thanks in Advance.

    Al Winters

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  • Patdt13
    Oct 31, 05:29 PM
    My little starter collection. About 60 Blu-Rays and about 40 DVD's

    How long ago? I would love to have a Oakley Display Case.

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  • rtheb
    May 6, 05:38 PM
    One alternative is to use the Cropmark LMP Bluetooth Keypad (

    Here is a good video review of the Cropmark LMP Bluetooth Keypad Review for Mac and PC (Would Be Ugly Though) (

    The Cropmark Keypad doesn't appear to be the desired solution from an aesthetic or functional standpoint.

    I still use my white 109 key Bluetooth keyboard

    The old white Bluetooth keyboard is pretty heavy in comparison to the new wireless keyboard but it still eliminates the USB cable.

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  • Koodauw
    Dec 20, 07:09 PM
    Perhaps you plugged in your firewire cord backwards?

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  • kevin2223
    May 4, 01:09 AM
    Here is the link:

    You can also see the ambient light sensor pointed out in the User Manual (wasn't mentioned in 2010 models).

    May 3, 08:19 PM
    Bootcamp will run just fine on both the models listed.

    Sep 24, 01:59 PM
    The creepy stench of a Cult welcome. :eek: ;) :p :D

    Hope everyone is Happy with they Mac. :)

    Cult... what Cult.... :rolleyes: haha
    Now I just have to get my friend to register as a MR member ;)

    May 5, 12:24 PM
    There should be a -1000 button for threads like these... Or - "Lowest Ranked".

    There also should be more members with a sense of humor in this forum.

    Mar 8, 10:27 PM

    May 5, 03:36 PM
    I smashed my 3GS few days, got the white on a 12 month contract, so longer it takes for the 5 to come out the better.

    I wanted a 3G phone with wifi tethering, i4 still a top phone, get it.

    How did you get a 12 month contract? AT&T?

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