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Saturday, May 21, 2011

supernova wallpaper

supernova wallpaper. supernova
  • supernova

  • iHerzeleid
    Jul 3, 03:16 PM
    Apple replaced the MBP with a new 2.4Ghz MacBook Pro.

    Thanks for your interest though. :)

    supernova wallpaper. supernova wallpaper
  • supernova wallpaper

  • doubtofalex
    Mar 17, 06:57 PM
    Reckon this is gonna be an all nighter thing or just like 5am?

    supernova wallpaper. supernova wallpaper - 104718
  • supernova wallpaper - 104718

  • hipnotizer
    May 4, 06:39 PM
    Cool, thanks!

    supernova wallpaper. Vestige of supernova around
  • Vestige of supernova around

  • rdowty
    Apr 13, 11:34 AM
    ok, im starting saving up. :)
    also you can connect apple display with mini displayport to thunderbolt. what the diference it would be if a display has thunderbolt? bigger resolution because of higher speed?
    and what would daisy-chaining give me?

    The difference would be just one or two less cables. Hopefully two.

    supernova wallpaper. Supernova Wallpapers
  • Supernova Wallpapers

  • bevhoward
    Jul 29, 10:45 AM
    This KB ( clarifies the fact that it's not an option on 2g touches plus shows that the current 8gig touch is not a 3g touch.

    Beverly Howard

    supernova wallpaper. Nokia-7310-Supernova-Wallpaper
  • Nokia-7310-Supernova-Wallpaper

  • jeffs177
    May 5, 04:53 PM
    From the One to One Terms of Service (

    That's interesting. The way I understand it is that I can buy my Mac somewhere else and then go to Apple within 14 days to buy the 1to1. Am I understanding that correctly?

    supernova wallpaper. Eijffinger Supernova Designer
  • Eijffinger Supernova Designer

  • harry
    Sep 28, 12:57 PM
    I've been a PC user all my life...until yesterday. I just bought my first Mac. Now I want to know if there is any way that I can move my iTunes library from my PC to my PowerBook without having to rip all of my cds again.

    I moved the actual song files onto my iPod in hard drive mode and then copied them to my PowerBook, but now my PowerBook will not let me import those songs into iTunes.

    Suggestions? Am I SOL?

    supernova wallpaper. thats one
  • thats one

  • saguakid
    Mar 11, 05:03 PM
    At least 5.0.3 works (launched it from my SL partition).

    Well I have 5.0.3 and works with many bugs like don't let add bookmarks and doesn't reopen last closed tabs completely

    supernova wallpaper. The supernova
  • The supernova

  • brn2ski00
    Jun 30, 07:40 PM
    iPod Ear Buds sold to JurgenWigg. Thanks!

    supernova wallpaper. Eijffinger Supernova Designer
  • Eijffinger Supernova Designer

  • mnkeybsness
    Jun 29, 12:09 AM
    for that sound input, go to systempreferences>sound

    go to the input option and see if anything comes up when you plug it in.

    and for the itunes problem, you may want to type 'top' (no quotes) into a terminal and see what's eating up your processor.

    supernova wallpaper. Abstract - Supernova Wallpaper
  • Abstract - Supernova Wallpaper

  • mkrishnan
    Mar 19, 01:25 PM
    Enough. :rolleyes:****.jpg

    The marketplace is not the soapbox.

    supernova wallpaper. Abstract - Supernova Wallpaper
  • Abstract - Supernova Wallpaper

  • lanulos
    Feb 9, 02:03 PM
    Well I've got iOS 4.2.1 on an iPod touch 4g, and I jailbroke it with the latest greenpoison jb so it didn't have to be tethered, and terminal just crashes right after I start it. When it was jailbroken tethered the terminal didn't work either; I'm guessing it's just not compatible with 4.2.1?

    Edit: I just checked what version and what repo it was from: it was Cydia/telesphoreo, version 364.1-10. I also noticed it was designed for iOS 3 so I just got rid of it. Where can I ge a iOS 4 compatible terminal?

    Saurik actually fixed a version, but it's sort of a beta so its not published; it's only available as a .deb file:
    If you have iFile or OpenSSH installed, you can use them to install it. Let me know if you need instructions.
    Otherwise there are others in various non-standard Cydia repositories, which you would have to add to Cydia: (which hasn't been working lately)
    but Saurik's actually has more features, despite the lower version number.

    supernova wallpaper. Free Ue Supernova Wallpapers
  • Free Ue Supernova Wallpapers

  • takao
    Mar 27, 10:35 AM
    damn having a portable power-pc mac kinda throws me out since i would have to use 2 different PCs between university and holidays

    otherwise i would gladly help

    supernova wallpaper. shaped supernova remnant
  • shaped supernova remnant

  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 17, 09:48 AM
    This was funny in the first time I saw it.

    Yes, but you're old.

    Seen it before, too. :p

    supernova wallpaper. supernova: nice wallpaper
  • supernova: nice wallpaper

  • mkrishnan
    Feb 16, 03:00 PM
    Yeah, that's it. The comments in the extensionroom seemed to claim that TBP had exactly the same features, but was less buggy. I guess they were wrong.

    The only part of it I use is the forcing of new windows to open as new tabs instead, so there wasn't any visible difference to me.

    On Windows, but not Mac, I've seen some bugginess with TBE where it will sometimes fail to implement its prefs correctly on startup, so that close buttons aren't where they're supposed to be, single-window-mode doesn't work, etc, and restarting FF is required. I don't think I've seen this on my Mac. I'm not sure to be honest, though, how true all this is. The last time I tried TBP, it did not have all the features TBE did.

    But when I was talking about accidentally getting TBP, I was wondering if the OP might have done that, and thought TBE was missing a lot of prefs on the Mac. But unlikely. :)

    supernova wallpaper. Supernova Wallpaper - Detail
  • Supernova Wallpaper - Detail

  • bmorris
    Jan 17, 09:03 PM
    the meeting is 7 to 10c?
    so it just started?

    supernova wallpaper. Supernova by wabberjocky
  • Supernova by wabberjocky

  • hob
    Oct 22, 08:47 AM
    I agree with posts above - fantastic. :)

    Thanks for all the compliments :)

    Maybe you could 'redo' it and mention Front Row and the built-in iSight in the features list?I'm working on it as we speak! Expect something by tomorrow morning!

    supernova wallpaper. Download medium wallpaper of
  • Download medium wallpaper of

  • rebootit
    Feb 26, 08:51 AM
    Anyone help on this one. I have had a mini server running for over a year problem free. Last night sometime the server came up with a warning that there was another machine on the network with the same name so it decided to change its name. It was dnssigns and now is reading dnssigns2. Problem is NO other machine on the network has a name anywhere close to that. This has caused havoc as far as apple tvs etc. All functions are running fine, nothing seems out of place, network traffic is normal etc. I still have all admin control. Any idea why a machine would allow, say a person trying to hack into the network with a same named machine and no passwords, to get in and then decide to change its name?

    supernova wallpaper. Supernova - Wallpaper by
  • Supernova - Wallpaper by

  • seubjoh
    Mar 23, 12:04 PM
    So I have a 2009 Mac Mini which I installed boot camp on and a windows 7 buisness 32 bit installation. It now only boots into that operating system. Holding down the x,c,alt/option keys at start up do nothing. The only thing it seems to respond to is the mouse to eject a disk. This probably means I have a bad keyboard but I typed this entire post with it and I don't have another keyboard in the house to test the theory with (except PS/2 inputs).

    Any thoughts? Unfortunately I just brought this mac mini from school and left all my disks there so it might just be I didnt finish the boot camp install in windows, is there any way to get around this?


    Mr. Anderson
    Nov 22, 03:45 PM
    eyelike art is still around, ambitiouslemon is on sabatical, kela posted last in April, spikey might be around under a different name, he hasn't been seen in quite some time, and blakespot is off doing his own thing, although I think he still helps arn with the site.

    I don't fall under the 'old skool' banner, but I've been around longer than most these days. But maybe you should try a reunion thread, only for anyone who's of a certain age.


    May 3, 08:36 PM
    whole things sounds fishy to me. no paypal no way you can dispute it. I think going through your friend is the best and only route and hope for the best. have them meet at a public place (Starbucks) even a police station I will bet he doesn't like that idea. all you can do is hope for the best worst case this route you have a over priced used 16gb I4. which is better then nothing. good luck.

    Apr 17, 09:39 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_0_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8A306 Safari/6531.22.7)

    Nospot has always been my favorite on my idevices but just downloaded TetherMe last night($4.99) and has to be by far my favorite yet. Love surfing on my iPad now instead of the iPhone. 3GUnrestrictor is also a good one if you want to use FaceTime over 3G or download/update larger apps outside of wifi.

    Ohhh AT&T hates you!

    Apr 1, 03:41 AM
    I don't have a machine with IE6 on so can't see the issue directly. However running your page through the W3C validator shows no errors in the html so it's unlikely to be that. When you say "just highlights the input box as if it is active", what do you mean? This, unless I've misunderstood what you have written, is the default for any browser.

    Can you enter text in to the input box? Any other symptoms?

    I mean when clicking on the input box instead of it focusing on the input box for text entry, it instead focuses on the submit button.

    While ie6 is not my target platform since the site worked so far without any alterations i don't mind supporting it.

    Sep 24, 10:31 PM
    Ps. Does anybody know my real name?


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