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Saturday, May 21, 2011

amazing wallpaper

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    Apr 30, 10:19 AM
    yes :(

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  • Backtothemac
    Feb 29, 04:28 PM
    These are of the dent and couple of scratches on the discounted one.

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  • Jax Mac
    Sep 22, 03:10 PM
    Thanks for the feedback!

    It finally hit me the other day that my Quicksilver model is 4.5 years old. It's had a good life.

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  • devilot
    Sep 24, 01:04 PM
    he was recruited onto a team and they compete in international tournaments... according to him, the only proper gaming set up would use a CRT not an LCD. *shrugg* I'm quite ignorant in these matters though. :o

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  • reh
    Feb 16, 03:37 PM
    Well SafariSpeed works great, but PithHelmet crashed Safari when I went to I noticed PithHelmet hasn't been updated since 10.3.8 came out, so maybe that's the problem. Thanks for the tips!
    Use PithHelmet version 0.7.3. The latest versions don't work well. Always crashing, slowing down safari... ugh.

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  • Sdashiki
    Sep 23, 10:28 AM
    Hurricanes are a "random" occurence.

    Prediction is impossible.

    Next year can be less or far worse than this year. There is no telling. if it IS as bad next year as this year, we as a country are f*cked but thats what we get for living on planet earth I guess.

    Get a helmet, hurricances are nothing like earthquakes. You know when a hurricane will hit welll in advance, making them not "disasters" in the same sense an earthquake is a disaster.

    I live in florida.

    And while I will take anychance to bad motuh Dubbya, Global Warming from a scientific (NOT environmentalist) point of view cant be proven.

    All the data on global warming is only a few decades old. And over GEOLOGICAL TIME, which is how weather and the way the Earth functions is measured, this is less than a fleeting moment.

    So with that in mind, just cuz the last few years have been "hotter" doesnt mean that it will continue that way. As it stands you cant predict global warming anymore than you can predict the coming of the next ice age. It takes too long for permanent changes in the earths environment. How long did it take to go from methane and CO2 to a 28% oxygen atmosphere, ~BILLIONS of years. So 20-50yrs of "global warming" data isnt enough and never will be.

    But it cant be ignored that greenhouse gases and all that toxic crap IS BAD FOR THE PLANET.

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  • kevin2223
    May 4, 12:05 AM
    There is a minor difference - the new iMacs have an ambient light sensor which will provide ideal brightness whether you are in a dark or well-lit environment.

    If you manually set the brightness, does it return? Perhaps the display was set too bright/dim for the conditions?

    From Apple's site: "To conserve power and relieve eyestrain, a built-in ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the screen brightness on MacBook, MacBook Pro and iMac to suit the ambient light of whatever room you�re in."

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  • macEfan
    Dec 3, 08:19 PM
    I have a PC laptop, but is is note up to your standards... it has

    366mhz processor,
    128mb ram
    12gb hard drive
    CD/Floppy drive
    Built in CD player

    If you are interested the Price is $155 OR:

    trade laptop for ipod mini and $25

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  • zdobson
    Apr 19, 05:17 AM
    I have a 15" PBG4 1.25ghz and am having some screen artifacts show up. Everything is running fine otherwise. I haven't used this machine at all in months and I'm trying to clean it up to sell it. Any info would be helpful.

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  • bigandy
    Jan 28, 07:55 PM
    yet another thing i wish i'd known when i switched!

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  • Blondie :)
    Apr 22, 05:30 PM
    Sorry :p let's hope the 2009 and later macbooks don't start cracking on everybody:(

    Yeah hopefully. It's definitely been a slower process than the previous generation MacBooks. And it probably doesn't help that I'm a college student who probably doesn't treat his computer as nice as he should :p

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  • apunkrockmonk
    Dec 6, 01:47 PM
    On a fully updated install of 10.4.3 on my latest rev iBook, I have never seen myspace freeze. I was going to use firefox until I found out that when I visited myspace in firefox CPU usage spiked. For some reason it doesn't do that in safari, so until that changes, I'm staying with safari.

    But the point of all this was, I have no problems at all on safari.

    I do not have WMP installed, therefore I get that plugin not found message, I just hit cancel, never once has myspace frozen on me.

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  • OrangeSVTguy
    Apr 3, 08:18 AM
    I bought an ATI cooler for my 7800GT. NV silencer 5 rev. 3.

    Here's my thread on it.

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  • scubabeano
    Aug 26, 09:37 AM
    Macs look better. period.

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  • zimv20
    Jul 8, 12:39 AM
    okay, i'm a dork for answering my own questions. but hey, maybe it can help someone else.

    to access your Documents folder using http:

    1. forget the Documents linking thing

    2. but do everything else above

    3. in /etc/httpd/users/<username>.conf, make it like this (substitute your username, obviously):

    Alias /~zim/ "/Users/zim/Documents"
    <Directory "/Users/zim/Documents/">

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  • iAlan
    Oct 17, 10:46 PM
    OK all you Tokyo-ites, how about a gathering at the Ginza Apple Store.

    If Leopard is to be released at 6.00 pm here I will definitely be there at 6.00!

    I'll be the Australian in a suit with a little MacRumors flag, kind of like the flags you see Japanese tour groups following around.

    I kid, don't want to embarrass myself too much. If there are others interested let's talk meet strategy!


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  • Nishi100
    May 4, 03:52 PM
    I'm going to be buying this iMac, with a HD and SSD together. However, am a bit confused on how the HD and SSD works together:

    1) Do they appear as one drive in the finder?
    2) If you download an app, then install it; will the downloaded *zip* (saved in "Downloads") be stored in the HD, and the app installed on the SSD (obviously saved in "Applications"), automatically?

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  • clayj
    Sep 23, 10:56 AM
    Someone is living in a crevice for the past decade. :rolleyes:Sorry, but even the head of cyclone/hurricane research for the World Meteorological Organization says that it is premature to link "global warming" (see: theory of) to increased hurricane activity this year (

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  • yaddam205
    Mar 11, 09:55 AM
    Is there anyone in line there yet?

    I'm hoping to be down there by 3 at the latest.

    Jun 25, 10:14 PM
    its a rev a MBPPlease PM me about this machine I am really interested.

    Mar 16, 05:14 PM
    i am finding that Safari 5.1 is almost unusable on Lion. It drops all internet connections and i have to use network preferences to reboot if you will just to get it use my wifi everytime.

    the bookmark bar doesn't work and on and on. im using chrome and its fast as heck on lion. too many bugs to use lion for everyday right now...

    That has nothing to do with Safari, it's the Wi-Fi changes Apple made in Lion (issue that will be fixed eventually).

    What do you mean the bookmark bar doesn't work?

    i have the latest developer build of chrome and the latest build of firefox as well and they both work perfectly for me on lion...

    I'm using Chrome on Lion, just sucks that the new scrollbars and full screen options aren't there yet.

    May 2, 10:17 PM
    If I'm remembering correctly, there was a CD installer for Tiger. If you could find that, you'd be good.

    I'd suggest getting at least an external DVD drive, though... always good to be able to burn a DVD, even if purely for backup purposes.

    Apr 25, 10:01 PM
    If you have to ask, you don't need it; if you need it, you either wish you had it or already have it.

    Feb 24, 01:51 PM
    Only three things come to mind:

    1) That you are inadvertently calling mysqli_close somewhere before a query or ping, maybe in one of your includes.

    2) You are overwriting $conn somewhere else.

    3) Some PHP bug in an older version of PHP perhaps. Are you guys running on CentOS / RHEL? If so I would suggest upgrading to 5.2 from the testing repos and see if that helps.

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