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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Arctic Cat Lynx 292

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  • DeckMan
    May 1, 08:26 AM
    Don't forget to report it as a bug!

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  • fr4c
    Feb 12, 11:05 PM
    Definitely more lighting, as well as a small area rug which you can place under your computer desk. Adding frames/mirrors will also make your room look much bigger than it actually is.

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  • thonarsignals
    Oct 18, 02:26 AM
    I got the idea from the time 11 or so years ago when my kid brother and I just finished making something on my performa 5200 together. As we did a high 5, my brother said "Now We're Mac'n!". The idea of a person being the fin of a dolphin is from a lucid dream I had 10 years ago where I ran around the dream looking for good paintings to memorize. I made the ad by buying stock photography. You can see my hundreds of other lucid dream paintings at

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  • hatersgonnahate
    May 6, 12:37 PM
    Completely painless upgrade thanks to Pkgbakup and Dropbox. Now to see if claimed battery improvements are real :rolleyes:

    explain using dropbox with updating?:D

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  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 26, 10:50 AM
    Can this help?

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  • Consultant
    Mar 14, 11:13 AM
    RAM or set % of memory used smaller.

    What are you trying to work on? How big are the files?

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  • glossary
    May 6, 11:18 PM
    We are happy to announce that City Traffic HD: Control Traffics in 6 Cities! is out now!! :)

    Today, City Traffic HD has just been updated in AppStore!!

    - New maps: New York and Tokyo
    - Added traffic coins for more fun
    - Added game items
    ☻Invincible : Make all cars invincible for 5 seconds
    ☻UFO : Clear all cars
    ☻Stop : All traffic stops for 5 seconds

    Save the cosmopolitan cities from TRAFFIC RUSH!!
    You can do this with your fingers.

    City Traffic HD is a game of managing traffic. Try to minimize the traffic on intersections, and avoid any crash.

    Each city has its own map and vehicles. DIFFERENT CITIES, DIFFERENT FUN!!

    Now you can purchase items to make the game a lot easier and help you beat higher scores!!
    ✭ Items ✭

    In version 2.0, you can choose:

    ✭Unlock new maps using earned coins!!!✭

    - Swipe your fingers to accelerate the vehicles on screen
    - Tap the vehicles to stop moving
    - Purchase items and apply on screen to take effect

    - Six different and unique maps
    - In game items that you can use to make the game more fun
    - Famous sights of the world
    - Various vehicles: car, bus, truck, bike, etc.
    - As in real life, each of the vehicles rushes with different speed and sound
    - Game Center leaderboards and achievements

    Become a fan in our facebook Fan Page: BlueOnionSoft Facebook ( and write us comments :)

    AppStore Link: City Traffic HD v2.0 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App

    Store (

    YouTube Video: Gameplay of City Traffic HD (


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  • rhproductions
    Oct 26, 05:31 PM
    I will be there before six, wearing a black FastMac t-shirt. I'll have 19 black FastMac t-shirts to give away to anyone who will be willing to wear it immediately.

    My plan is to have fun in line, give away shirts, buy the family pack, get a shirt, then sit out in the mall and drink a Venti Starbucks while I upgrade my MBP with Leopard.


    Thanks for the shirt!!!

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  • dnlt
    Apr 2, 06:07 AM
    So I bought windows 7 and downloaded the iso. I used windows 7 usb/dvd download tool to make my usb bootable with the windows 7 iso. I installed rEFIt. When I restart and select the windows usb icon it loads and I get the error "no bootable device - insert disk..... "

    I have no idea what is wrong ugh! I looked through a lot of threads and nothing is helping.

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  • CW Jones
    Mar 14, 07:53 AM

    I have been noticing considerable lag on my 2010 15" MBP (4GB ram) whilst using Photoshop Cs5.

    I heard from my friend that if I were to use an external drive as a scratch disk, it would help.

    I was wondering if this is true, and if so, what are the recommended external HDD?

    Why not just get more RAM? Its getting cheaper and cheaper you could probably find it for around $80.... And that will be better than a scratch disk.

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  • Lord Appleseed
    May 4, 01:51 PM
    Is there any advantages buying it directly from Apple?
    Or is it just as good to buy it from some Reseller ?


    Theoretically it's the same, practically its easier to return it when you ordered it directly from Apple online...2 weeks returning time if you don't like it.
    But resellers might have cheaper prices...

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  • Jas123
    May 4, 03:28 PM
    Hi, I think I need to repair my installation of Leopard. I have been getting a lot of console messages and have also noticed that Safari has not been handling certain loads well.

    Is it possible to do this and keep my current applications installed and home directory untouched?


    Would I be able to do a clean install, then use TM to restore my home folder?

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  • zepharus
    May 6, 07:51 PM
    thanks mate

    dont worry about gaming skills, we are just wanting to know how the game runs, not how good you are at it :)


    Looking for WoW and Crysis 2 if you have them!

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  • teameurox
    Apr 19, 11:59 AM
    so vga to converter is still the only way to do this? I was just making sure there havent been any new solutions to this delimna

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  • mrgreen4242
    Dec 16, 07:46 PM
    QEMU is neat and all, but it can barely emulate an x86 system on real x86 hardware. I'd hate to see how it runs on a PPC...

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  • mrgreen4242
    Jan 15, 08:43 AM
    I also believe the new iTunes will add the ability to rip your DVDs, kind of like a Handbrake/Telestream's Drive-In.

    It would be nice, but it's illegal in the US. You can't remove copy protection from something that has it, no matter the purpose of the action. So, not gonna happen. Also, there'd be no reason to get companies, like Fox, to include iPod ready copies of their content on DVDs as seem to be happening now.

    I think they'll keep iTunes, but the official name will be changed to iTunes Media Store rather than iTune Music Store, if it's not already.

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  • ZipZap
    Mar 31, 05:34 AM
    Thanks, I don't like seeing people just jump down others' throats.

    I makes for interesting reading...and at 5AM I need something to keep me awake.

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  • plinden
    Sep 16, 01:23 PM
    i just spotted on the apple refurb store that they have listed the latest 15 inch & 17 inch powerbooks for sale. now im pretty sure they werent on there if not last night like 2 nights ago. just wishful thinking.
    No, I've been watching the refurbs and they've been there for a while.

    Refurbished PowerBook 15-inch 1.67GHz SuperDrive
    512MB DDR333 SDRAM
    80GB Hard Drive
    ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 (64 MB DDR)
    AirPort Extreme
    Bluetooth 2.0 + Enhanced Data Rates
    Backlit keyboard
    for $1999 seems like a good deal.

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  • Fabio_gsilva
    Aug 8, 08:49 PM
    Things are pretty hot down in Cupertino...

    Lots of announcements...


    May 5, 09:18 AM
    I think both ways seem to have too many flaws, and like i said earlier many people will not use their alternative votes wisely and I am sure that most people are unaware that they do NOT need to give an alternative.

    Well, i guess we will see how it all goes.... I am working the election tonight so i wont hear the end of it til about 7/8am tomorrow!!!

    May 3, 07:36 PM
    Maybe this can help:

    Jun 19, 12:58 AM
    Work got in the way, so I've ordered/upgraded online with tomorrow morning as the delivery date :)

    Oct 24, 11:38 AM
    Please show up early and play cards games with me :D

    May 3, 07:12 AM
    There's no included alternative, but Paintbrush works pretty well.

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