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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Diana Puspita Bintang Iklan Seksi Hot


Diana Puspita Bintang Iklan Seksi Hot
Diana Puspita Bintang Iklan Seksi Hot
Jakarta Many emerging artists justifies a variety of ways to reach the peak of its popularity. One of them by selling sensuality and play "challenging" in movies or soap operas. But it seems not the case for Diana Puspita.

Without selling sesualitas and sexiness that is in itself, proved to have been approached dozens of ads Diana since the beginning of his career in the entertainment world. At least the ad was about 20 titles which he starred, ranging from food products, electronic beauty products. No wonder if he was often dubbed by his colleagues as the queen of the ad.

"Yes, indeed the beginning of my career from advertising. First I became a star in chocolate ad ad was fitted exactly my age 19 years, and until now still in use without having to sell tuh also sensuality," said the virgin birth of Jakarta, December 20, 1987 was told reporters detikhot Rachman Haryanto after a photocall in the area the Senayan, South Jakarta. Besides starring in ads for a product, the owner of 168 cm tall and weighing 49 kg was also already has starred in two movie titles. Namely, 'Kuntilanak vs. Pocong' and 'Ikhsan'. As for television, he also played in the soap opera 'Where Is Melanie', and a number of FTV ('Beda Love Generation', 'Heart', 'Playboy Want Penance', 'Girlfriend Missed Bicycle', and 'Love Behind the Baggage' .)

Youngest of four children was admitted to now still want to continue to hone his talent in all fields of entertainment, good movie, presenter, television movie, or even commercials. As for the soap opera that is currently running more chase, he was a little bit aside, but that does not mean he left behind.

"Because each of the entertainment world was entertaining for me personally. Starting from advertising, soap operas, TV dramas and movies that definitely have their own value for me. There is a longing for itself for me, because each has a definite value of all there are good and nggaknya," clearly a woman who also had plunged into the model. One of the reasons he was more interested in the advertising world is because he is happy to become a brand icon. As for TV dramas, movies and soap operas, he was more interested to be a total act and play someone else. In wading those talents, Diana berpanutan on his idol actress, Natalie Portman.

The 23-year-old girl a longer stay in the city of Cirebon shrimp was idolized Natalie Portman as a background like his personal life as an artist who is very brilliant and ordinary people. Diana really loves to see a smart woman.

"She's a cum laude are pretty, although the artist himself but he still can go to college with a focus and also keep the road in the world of acting. It's beyond words and I like artists like that," she says.

Reflecting the artist his idol, Diana who since his youth has begun a career do not want to subordinating education. This was proven when he has completed his education and successfully holds a degree in industrial engineering from University of Bina Nusantara.

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